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Optimum has been in operation since 2008, providing a wide array of services to a diverse client base with thousands of clients worldwide.

Optimum offers services such as VPN connections, which provide you with highly secure remote access and complete internet privacy.

We are also a point of sale for cashU, a pre-paid credit card service, which offers fast and convenient online shopping with no need for a bank account or credit card.

For clients who are unable to have a PayPal Account, we also offer the unique opportunity to make purchases using PayPal, and we can send money through Paypal on your behalf.
As PayPal users since 1999, we have the capability to make digital purchases at our client's request from nearly any website they choose.

For clients needing to pay with Webmoney or Amazon we are also offering payment solutions.

Our clients are located throughout the Middle East, Europe and North America.

Our long experience and integrity has led us to build a growing base of trusting and returning clients.

Thank you for your support!