Bitcoin Services in Lebanon

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Buy Bitcoin in Lebanon

For websites that only offer Bitcoin as a payment option, we can now make the purchase for you. Also if you need Bitcoins sent to your account, we can send the Bitcoins to your account.


Please send the following information to for review:

  • 1. Your name
  • 2. Your Bitcoin address
  • 3. The amount of dollars needed in Bitcoin
  • 4. Your prefered payment method

Our fees

Our current fee schedule is 15% on any payment requested.

How to pay

Currently we accept the following methods
(please contact us for further details):

  • 1. Western Union
  • 2. Pay at the bank (at any Byblos bank branch)
  • 3. Pay by hand (Antelias)

Examples of purchase

Make sure that the seller ships to Lebanon (you can find it in the shipping section, in general it says "Shipping: International").

If you want to ship to outside Lebanon, you can skip this requirement

  • Paypal payments to other members (pay directly to a PayPal email)
  • Paypal donations
  • Ebooks and tutorials
  • Site subscriptions and reservations
  • Skype credit purchase

  • ...Or any other site that accepts PayPal as an option for payment

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